Dark Matter Universe




Bill has a rich history working in the crypto industry; volunteering and building DeFi projects over the last year has been his main insterest.



Aorlan has a couple years of history working in the crypto industry; he is our Lead Solidity developer writing all the project contracts.


Content Manager

Andrew got into DeFi in April 2021 and has committed to learning and working with multiple projects in the space as a community manager and creative writer.


Marketing and Outreach

Maxi dropped his master degree on economics/management to become an NFT maniac. Handles project outreach, helps secure partnerships, and assists with marketing.

Stoic Phoenix

Administrative and Management

Newcomer involved in Crypto since 2017. Loves a coin with utility. Stoic handles accounting and payment for Dark Matter and assists in managerial roles. Da bean counter.


Solidity Developer

Bthirsty assists the development team whenever necessary.

Mahdy Max

Front End Designer

Mahdy Max is the designer for our project, designing everything from the front end of our dAPP's, to creating NFT works of art.